Welcome back to the spring term

A very warm welcome back to school to both parents and children.

The children have settled well in to the new term and are already busy rehearsing for our year 3 Class Assembly. (Photos to follow!) I have recorded the costume needed in your child's diary. Please could these be ready for Wednesday 13/1/19?

A Year 3 termly letter will be forthcoming which has lots of information about curriculum topics  and practical matters for the term.

Thank you for your on-going support.

Year 3 Class Assembly

Dear Parents,

Our Class assembly will be on Friday 18 January. It's based on a lovely book which the children have read in class called The Tiger Child.

This is just to give a little advanced notice as to the costume which your child will need.

Narrators: Eshel, Luke and Esther.
Dress all in black or wear traditional Indian clothes (eg sari)

Tigers: Charlie and Ben
Tiger costume

Girl and mother: Manveer
Sari and scarf (if possible)

Grandfather and boy: Harry and Seb 
Dress all in black or traditional Indian dress

Please do contact me if you need to discuss any of this further.
Next week, the children will come home with a script for the assembly and further details.

Thank you for your support. 

Please do come and join us on Friday 18 January.

Year 3 assembly

Our Year 3 assembly will take place on Friday 18 January, 8.45 - 9.00 am in the Prep Hall. Please do join us to watch our retelling of 'The Tiger Child' story.

Please watch this space for further details of costumes needed.

Thank you

Mrs Peacock

Christmas ukulele fun

What a lovely and special way to finish for the Christmas holidays. I'm sure you will treasure this clip of children in Year 3 playing and singing 'Last Christmas'.

I hope that you have a relaxing and happy Christmas break.

Creating Roman themed mosaics

This week, the children in Years 3 and 4 have been working together in small groups to design their own Roman style mosaics.  They looked closely at the colours and tiles available and worked as a team to come up with a suitable design.

They are looking forward to completing their projects next week, when they will also have chance to make their own individual tile coasters as a fun way to end the Active Planet topic.

Learning is fun

This week, the children have been finding out about the features of explanation texts. They found out that this text type is set out in a particular way (with headings and sub-headings) and that causal connectives and technical vocabulary are used. The children then wrote an explanation for why, 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' is so popular using the features of the text type. Here are some of the children competing in our very own Year 3 'Fastest Finger' round!

Column addition and subtraction challenges

For the past  three weeks, the children have been developing their skills in adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers. At first, the children used concrete manipulatives (like Base Ten) and then they progressed to drawing diagrams to represent their understanding. This week, we have been focusing on formal written methods of column addition and subtraction and on reasoning problems involving these mathematical operations. The children practise lots of examples before carrying out the calculation in their Mathematics books. Here are some of the children really getting down to business with their column addition and being rightly pleased with themselves for their correct answers!